How to unlock a for travel pilot car radio with decoder

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How to unlock a for travel pilot car radio with decoder

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 21, 2013 4:36 am

The ford travel pilot code can be retrieved by using our decoder: at

First you need to remove the unit,

simply select the "standard" option on the decoder and enter the ten digit serial from your serial as follows:

The serial number may look like this: BP7754Y1682854. and model number 7 528 754 345

You will notice that the three numbers from the model are also found just in front of the letter Y in the middle of the serial number. NOTE: This letter may be different on each radio.
Put the 3 numbers in red in front of the last 7 of the serial.

Now you have all 10 digits (7541682854) enter them into the calculator, Once you are happy you have entered the correct code correctly into the calculator press "calculate code" The calculator will then produce the unlock code for that stereo.

Example serial below:

BP050014158526 and model number 7612300502

so you enter 3004158526 into the decoder


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