How to unlock a volvo car radio

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How to unlock a volvo car radio

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 21, 2013 4:40 am

volvo unlocking is done by seeking the position of the electrical diodes, the diodes are visible through the slits at the rear of the stereo case.

First you need to remove the stereo,

Once you have the car radio infront of you look at the back to see the slits in the casing.

So looking from left to right, slit 1 is position 1, slit 2 position 2 etc etc, so if you look through the slits and see a small diode  then make note of its position and when you have the position of all 4 diodes simply enter it into the decoder. at

When you see the decoder we send it will all make sense.

this works for cr603 cr608 cr702 cr705 cr709 cr802 cr905  stereos,

Enter the position of the diodes into the software we send you then press generate, simple


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