Unlocking a becker car radio

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Unlocking a becker car radio

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 21, 2013 1:28 am

Becker radios require a 4 or 5 digit radio code to unlock. becker also make mercedes radios.

First remove your becker car radio from the dashboard, removal keys found at unlockmycarradio.info

you will then be able to locate the unique serial number required by looking at the top and right hand side of the radio.

A typical example of becker serials are below :

common model and serial number such as

Model : BE1256 - Serial : Y16543786
Model : BE8732 - Serial : Y32478675

Type 2 has the becker serial number and model combined to form the complete serial number

Serial : BE543761289743
Serial : BE874357021947


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